Transfer Order - Transfer Of Executive Engineers(A-I & A-M)

Transfer Of Executive Engineers(A-I & A-M) :

Enclosure to No. 2232-WI/O/Estab/2T-3/2008 Pt.-I dated 12.09.2017
Name Of Exceutive Engineer(A-I) Present Place Of Posting Proposed Posting on Transfer Vice Additional Charge
Sri Subhash Basak,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Jalpaiguri(A-I)Division EE(A- I),Teesta CADA Sri Apurba Kumar Maji Siliguri(A-I)I&P Division(From Sri Apurba Kumar Maji & holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Arindam Bhattacharya,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),SWID Division-IV,Jalpaiguri EE(A-I),Jalpaiguri(A-I)Division Sri Subhash Basak EE(A-I),SWID Division-IV,Jalpaiguri
Sri Apurba Kumar Maji,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Teesta CADA T.A. to SE(A-I),SWID Circle,Kolkata Sri Himadri Khanra TA to SE(A-I),Kolkata(A-I)I&P Circle,Kolkata(From Smt.Moumita Patra & holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Ramesh Ch.Paik,EE(A-I) EE,DPMU,Dakshin Dinajpur & EE(A-I),Balurghat(A-I)Division EE(AI),Statistical Cell,Kolkata(A-I)I&P Circle,Kolkata Sri Jayanta Kumar Biswas EE,SPMU(From Sri Jayanta Kumar Biswas & holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Sekhar Sarkar,EE(A-M) EE,DPMU,Uttar Dinajpur EE,DPMU,Dakshin Dinajpur from Sri Ramesh Ch.Paik,EE(A-I)
Sri Dayamoy Ghosh,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Malda(A-I)Division EE(A-I),Balurghat(A-I)Division from Sri Ramesh Ch.Paik,EE(A-I)
Sri Jayanta Kumar Biswas,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Statistical Cell,Kolkata(A-I)I&P Circle,Kolkata & EE,SPMU in additional capacity EE(A-I),Kangsabati(A-I)CADA Division,Bankura Sri Dipankar Majumder,EE(A-I)
Sri Dipankar Majumder,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Kangsabati(A-I)CADA Division,Bankura & EE,KCADA,Bankura in additional capacity EE(A-I),Design Division,SWID,Kolkata Sri Sajal Kumar Das
Sri Sajal Kumar Das,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Design Division,SWID,Kolkata EE,DPMU,Nadia Sri Salil Bhattacharya,EE(A-I) Hydrological Survey Division,SWID,Krishnagar(From Sri Alok Das & holding the charge in additional capacity
Sri Salil Bhattacharya,EE(A-I) EE,DPMU,Nadia EE,DPMU,Bankura Sri Tapan Kumar Bhattacharjee promoted to SE(A-I)
Sri Alok Das,EE(A-I) EE,DPMU,Nadia & EE(A-I},Hydrological Survey Division,SWID,Krishnagar in additional capacity EE(A-I),Raiganj(A-I)Division Vacant(From Sri Bablu Roy holding the charge in additional capacity) TA to SE(A-I),Raiganj (A-I) Circle & EE(A-I),SWID Division-V,Raiganj(From Sri Bablu Roy & holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Himadri Khanra,EE(A-I) EE(A-I)&T.A. to SE(A-I),SWID Circle,SWID,Kolkata EE(A-I),Berhampore-I(A-I)Division Vacant(From Sri Tarak Nath Roy,EE,DPMU,Murshidabad & holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Saibal Banerjee,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Krishnagar-I(A-I)Division P.A. to Director,SWID,Kolkata Sri Arijit Das
Sri Sanjoy Basu,EE(A-I) EE(A-I) & T.A. to SE(A-I),I.P. & D Circle,SWID,Kolkata EE(A-I),Krishnagar-I(A-I)Division Sri Saibal Banerjee
Sri Santanu Bardhan,EE(A-I) EE(A-I) & T.A. to SE(A-I),Bankura(A-I) Circle EE(A-I),Data Processing & Storage Retrival Wing,I.P. & D Circle,SWID,Kolkata Vacant Sri Santanu Bardhan will help Joint Secretary(MI)from day long work in addition to his normal duties in Data Processing & Storage Retrival Wing,I.P.&D Circle,SWID,Kolkata
Sri Sadananda Palmal,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Midnapore(A-I)Division EE(A-I),Tamluk(A-I)Division Sri Biswajit Bera EE,DPMU,Purba Medinipur(From Sri Biswajit Bera,EE,DPMU,Purba Medinipur)
Sri Biswajit Bera,EE(A-I) EE,DPMU,Purba Medinipur & EE(A-I),Tamluk(A-I)Division,Tamluk in additional capacity EE(A-I),Midnapore(A-I)Division Sri Sadananda Palmal,EE(A-I)
Sri Amit Kumar Ghosh,EE(A-I) EE(A-I)&T.A. to SE(A-I),Kolkata(A-I)Circle & EE,DPMU,South 24-Parganas in additional capacity EE(A-I),Kolkata(A-I)Division Vacant EE,DPMU,South 24-Parganas & EE(A-I)& T.A. to SE(A-I),Kolkata(A-I)Circle
Sri Debdas Mondal,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Bankura(A-I)Division EE(A-I)&T.A. to SE(A-I),Bankura(A-I)Circle(From Sri Santanu Bardhan holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Arijit Das,EE(A-I) P.A. to Director,SWID,Kolkata EE(A-I),SWID Division-II,SWID,Burdwan Sri Utpal Saha,EE(A-I) EE(A-I),Burdwan(A-I)I&P Division(From Sri Utpal Saha holding the charge in additional capacity)
Sri Utpal Saha, EE(A-I) EE(A-I),SWID Division-II,SWID,Burdwan EE(A-I),Data Processing Cell attached to SWID Head Quarters(From Sri Dayamoy Ghosh holding the charge in additional capacity) Vacant
Smt.Moumita Patra,EE(A-I) EE(A-I) & T.A. to SE(A-1),Kolkata(A-I)I&P Circle,WRDD,Kolkata EE(A-I) & T.A. to SE(A-1),I.P. & D Circle,SWID,Kolkata Sri Sanjoy Basu,EE(A-I)
Sri Sukanta Mondal,EE(A-M) EE(A-M),Malda-I(A-M)Division Bankura(A-M) Division Sri Arup Guha holding the charge in additional capacity Malda-I(A-M)Division
Sri Sandip Layek,EE(A-M) EE,DPMU,Malda
Sri Arup Guha,EE(A-M) EE(A-M) & TA to SE(A-M},Midnapore(A-M) Circle
Sri Kanchan Murmu,EE(A-M) EE(A-M},Drilling Division No.IV,SWID,Jalpaiguri EE(A-M},Agriculture Intensification Project,Farm Implements,Burdwan
Sri Pratik Chatterjee,EE(A-M) EE(A-M),Agriculture Intensification Project, Farm Implements,Burdwan Drilling Division No.IV, Jalpaiguri
Sri Mrinal Kr.Sarkar,EE(A-M) EE(A-M},Drilling Division No-II,SWID,Burdwan Attached to Joint Secretary(MI)for day to day work with immediate effect in addition to his normal duties
Sri Sanjoy Das,EE(A-M) EE(A-M},Drilling Division No-III,SWID,Krishnagar Attached to C.E.-I,WRDD, for three days in a week with immediate effect in addition to his normal duties
Sri Soumen Samanta,EE(A-M) EE(A-M),Tamluk(A-M)Division EE(A-M),Purulia(A-M)Division
Sri Bidhu Sundar Samanta EE(A-M},Purulia(A-M)Division EE(A-M),Tamluk(A-M)Division
Sri Gautam Kr.Dey,EE(A-M) EE(A-M) & TA to SE(A-M),Berhampore (A-M) Circle EE(A-M),Berhampore-II(A-M)Circle EE(A-M) & T.A. to SE(A-M),Berhampore(A-M)Circle
NOTE:**First movement will be done by (1)Sri Subhash Basak, (2)Sri Ramesh Ch.Paik, (3) Sri Salil Bhattacharya, (4) Sri Dipankar Majumder