Poly House

Protected cultivation- Production of high value crop in poly house

WBADMIP promoting concept of Poly house for the production of high value vegetable/flower crops production through WUAs as an income generation enterprise as well as climate resilient agricultural technology. Size varies from 100 SqM, 200 SqM and 500 SqM. Small size of poly houses 100 SqM connected with springs/Jhora through Hydrum are promoted in the hill traces for flower cultivation e.g. Gerbera, Carnation, Anthodium, Orchid cultivation, Gladiolus etc. Bigger size poly houses are promoted near water bodies in all other agro climatic zones for high value crops like Colored Capsicum, Baby cucumber, Broccoli, Colored cabbage, cauliflowers, Brussels sprout etc along with spinach, coriander and other leafy vegetables considering market demand. Vegetable cultivation in Poly house WUAs earn up to 1.50 lakhs in a year and from floriculture it is up to Rs. 1.75 lakhs/ year.

Now recently project started promoting low cost Poly houses as poly sheds for raising vegetable seedling using micro pot/coco pit. This helps in providing healthy seedlings to the villagers for better offseason vegetable cultivation.

Women farmer groups are encouraged to take up poly house/ poly shed as income generation activity.