Hydraulic Ram Pumps

Hydraulic Ram Pumps (Hydram) are installed in the hilly terrain of Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts where water is available from Jhora/Spring/Khola. Spring/Jhora/Khola Water is made available for irrigation of agricultural land and other livelihood works (Fisheries, Horticulture, domestic animals and household works) for village population lives upstream the closest source through hydraulic Ram Pump installations. HRPS is very useful for the people living in tough hilly areas where movement of people, transportation of water is very difficult and costly.

Hydraulic Ram Pump is a contrivance to lift a part of large amount of water available at some height to a greater height. It is a reciprocating pump. It’s a pure mechanical device (Dynamic inertia possessed by a moving column of water is used to create water hammer- a sudden increase in pressure) which does not require any electricity or fuel.

Advantages of HRPS

  • The source of energy is the flowing water itself and gravity.
  • It works continuously as long as water is available.
  • The pump has very few moving parts that are simple to produce locally and to maintain by the community itself.
  • Waste water from the Hydram is also used for irrigation of downstream agricultural land.