West Bengal State Minor Irrigation Corporation Ltd. (WBSMICL)

West Bengal State Minor Irrigation Corporation Ltd, was created on 29th January,1974 under Companies Act 1956 (No I 1956) with the following objects:-

  1. To erect, improve, install, manage and arrange for operation and working of Tube wells, River lifts and other Minor Irrigation Projects and manufacture spare parts, machinery, tools, implements, materials, substance, good or things of any description which in the opinion of the company are likely to promote or advance the Development of Minor Irrigation in the State of West Bengal.
  2. To take over from the Govt. of West Bengal any existing system of State-owned tube wells, river lifts as may be in good working condition along with connected lands buildings, assets, work and any of the Projects connected with the installation, maintenance and operation of such tube wells, with the rights and liabilities of the Govt. of West Bengal so far as they relate to such tube wells, lands, buildings, assets, work or projects.
  3. To undertake the installation and construction of tube wells, river lifts and other Minor irrigation schemes on behalf of private individuals, associations, institutions, Panchayat, Govt. Companies.
  4. To engage in the processing manufacture and sale of River lifts, Tube well equipment’s, accessories, spare parts, machinery, plants or any other commercial or industrial products connected therewith.
  5. To setup and maintain laboratories, workshops and other works for providing technical guidance and repair facilities as also stock such materials and stores and sell stores concerning tube wells and Minor Irrigation Projects.
  6. To provide tube well equipment’s or plants and machinery connected therewith in rental basis to any private individual or association, company or departments.
  7. To carry out all kinds of ground water exploration and in particular to quantity the ground water resources in different areas, arrange for systematic exploration, all kinds of survey works and to search for and obtain information in regard to ground water resources and to regulate the installation of deep and shallow tube wells in the state of West Bengal for the development Minor Irrigation.
  8. To provided technical know-how, loans and equipment’s for the installation of tube wells to the individuals, associations, companies, institutions, Panchayat and corporations in the state of West Bengal.
  9. To set up demonstration firms, to introduce improved and scientific methods of the use of land and utilization of lands water resources.
  10. To supply seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and to provide extension service and facilities for mechanized cultivation to the farmers.
  11. To sell, dispose of transfer, let on lease or hire any undertaking, project stores, lands, factory, business or any other assets and rights of the company and any Government or company or association or concern or individual on such terms and conditions as many be determined by the company.
  12. To promote and operate schemes for the development of Minor Irrigation in the state of West Bengal and for that purpose to prepare and get or cause to be prepared the feasibility reports, detailed project report, market studies, statistics and other relevant information for the establishment of any undertaking and to promote and establish companies and associations for the execution of such projects.
  13. To distribute and sell water pumped through the tube wells owned by the company to individuals, Panchayat, companies corporations, Governments, and other concerns at such rates, terms and conditions as may be determined by the company from time to time and to realize to charges therefore along with penalties, surcharges, if any.
  14. To acquire lands and other properties and to develop them suitably for the purposes of the company and to make them available on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon, to any Government, individuals, firms, company, association or concern.
  15. To carry on the business of engineers and manufactures of tube wells and other machinery, plants implements and tools, equipments, apparatus accessories and other similar goods and the production, manufacture and preparation of any other materials which may be usefully or conveniently combined with the manufacturing business of the company.