Solar powered irrigation schemes:

Solar energy, the huge natural potential is hardly harnessed than it delivers to earth every second. Unlike the non-renewable energy, the sun rays releases no harmful substances. The natural resource has almost no negative impact on the environment by way of carbon emissions and pollutants.The fossil fuel,which cannot be renewed are dwindling fast and the process of extraction and generation harms the environment. On the other hand, harnessing the magnanimous source of renewable energy is very easy by simple installation over metallic structures and with a minimum cost of servicing, provides free & uninterrupted electricity for 20 years and more, with just one time investment.

For power generation, solar systems are made up of solar modules, a metallic structure preferably galvanised iron, mounted on a concrete foundation and a programmable controller for running the motor by optimum usage of power generated in the system. The DC power produced by the solar panel is converted to AC power by the inverter provided in the controller for running the pump motor for hours till solar radiation is available and ensures optimal performance.

The power so generated is used to drive the motors used for different types of installations for providing irrigation water.

  1. Solar powered Sprinkler Irrigation system.
  2. Solar powered Drip Irrigation system.
  3. Solar powered Pump Dug well.
  4. Solar powered Shallow Tubewell.
  5. Solar powered Mini River Lift irrigation scheme.
  6. Solar powered Light Duty Tubewell.

The usage of tapped solar energy in minor irrigation installations is being studied and monitored for any excess generation of power which could be exported to grid by net metering system. The excess energy thus credited could be used by farmers in hours of requirement when solar powers are not available.